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Something tangible is created

At this point you know what you want, what strategy to use to get it and now to get there in terms of having a plan and schedule.
The next phase of the project is putting the plan into action to produce the final product.
The exact steps and techniques used will, naturally, depend on the project.

The product could be something tangible, for example a boat, car, tunnel which may then be tested prior to handover.

The product may not always be so easily recognisable.
The final product could be a report for marketing, for example.
Whilst, strictly speaking there is no ‘build’ phase to a report certain aspects could be considered as such.

For example:

  • Decide on the format of the report (may be considered under the approach used)
  • Gathering the information and data required
  • Interpreting the information and data
  • Compiling the report
  • Preparing the first draft
  • Checking for factual, spelling, grammatical discrepancies
  • Circulating for initial comment
  • Preparing the second draft
  • Signing off the report
  • Presentation and circulation of the report etc

Even in drug development one could consider early batches prepared as a build phase.

Awaited impatiently

Usually, the ‘build’ phase is awaited impatiently.
In the rush to begin many aspects of good planning and risk analysis can be missed [see 'The Complete Risk Management package‘].

Above all make sure there are no loose ends from the previous phases.

Hopefully, any product will meet with the customer’s original expectations but this does not mean it will actually do the job it is designed to do.
This is the aim of the next phase.

Within the PRINCE2® methodology the ‘build’ is covered within several process steps but in particular in the section Managing Product Delivery for both PRINCE2 2005 and 2009 [see ‘The Complete Project Management plus PRINCE2’].

PRINCE2® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries.