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Writing reports – part 5 - Communication


Communication of activities within project management is not just about reporting to higher levels of management or clients.
You may need to provide information in support of legal requirements for example.

It concerns the whole way in which you manage the collection of information and documentation and the standards that you employ.
You should be in a position to write a comprehensive report at any time.

You will need to be fluent in the description of graphs and comfortable with their interpretation and their background theory.

It is not enough to be an expert because it depends on the level of understanding of your target audience.
You must be familiar with this and communicate appropriately.
Whether you are communicating via a report, presentation or e-mail it should be clear, concise and unambiguous.

For any form of writing you ought to know the purpose of it and the result you wish to achieve.
These aspects are discussed as part of the ‘templates’ contained in the folder ‘templates’ as part of the package.