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Task information


For each identified task or work package you must be very clear in defining it.
It is important to record the information needed to support a task.
This will reduce ambiguity, reduce confusion and make efficient completion much more likely.

Firstly, ensure that the description of the task is clear and accurate.

Necessary inputs or preconditions

Identify the any specific items required to do the task and any constraints and other factors that the person doing the task should know.


You must know what the task will produce to indicate when completion has been achieved.
There should be no doubt when the task is complete.
Any items here should be listed.

Resource requirements with costs

All resources must be identified along with the costs.
This would include personnel and equipment.

Skill requirements

Not everyone will be capable of doing every job.
There must be a minimum skill level or qualification for the person doing the job.
These should be identified.

If any training is necessary, for example health and safety, it should be noted and taken into account in the task duration.


The responsibilities involved must be identified.
The individual doing the task must recognise these and accept them.

Estimated time

There must be an estimate of the time required for the task.
This will lead to the duration of the task which is dependent on the number of people required for the task.

Estimation is covered in more detail in the 'The Complete Risk Management package'.

There has to be some judgement involved in recording information for all the tasks involved, particularly at what level.
If the work package is identified at too low a level the tasks could be too numerous for practical recording of all information.