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Operation and review

Check that it works

The operation and review phase is similar to implementation. Although you may be able to test a final product before handing it over to the customer this is not quite the same as making sure that it works in the environment for which it was designed.

Hence, we:

  • Need to install and test in the field
  • Make sure it satisfies the customer’s expectations

This is not likely to involve a simple installation and check. For many products, operation may extend for many months prior to assessing the overall performance and making any necessary modifications. It is not unusual for certain monies to be retained whilst these checks and any modifications are carried out.

May need to take action

Any actions will be similar to the implementation phase.

  • Modify design so the deficiencies are overcome
  • Correct any missed design faults
  • Accept the modified performance of the final product
  • Stop and close the project

Run a project review

At the end of any project, whether it was successful or not, there should be a project review. This is essential to learn lessons from the project that may be applicable to current or future projects.

This will exist under PRINCE2® through the End Project Report and the Post-Project review as indicated in the process Evaluating a Project (CP3).

Under PRINCE2 2009 the End Project Report is still present but the Post-Project review is not. Instead the Lessons Report examines lessons that can be usefully applied to other projects. The Lessons Report is referred to within many sections namely:

The PRINCE2 approach - Risk management procedure – Communicate The PRINCE2 approach - Event-driven and time-driven controls - Capturing and reporting lessons Starting up a project - Activities - Capture previous lessons Directing a project - Activities - Authorize project closure Managing a Stage Boundary - Activities - Report stage end Closing a Project – Activities - Evaluate the project

Identify lessons learnt

All projects will have their good points and unfortunately their bad points. There should be a mechanism to record these throughout the project not just at the project end. A system must be set up to capture these.

PRINCE2 does this using the Lessons Learned Report (CP3) and the Project Issues documentation. These can then be used as input for the Post-Project Review.

Write a report

For PRINCE2 this would be the End Project Report which is a compilation of the project knowledge and experiences. It contains:

  • Updated Project Plan
  • Project Initiation Document
  • Risk Log
  • Quality Log
  • Business Case
  • Lessons Learned Report(s) (CP3)
  • End Stage Report(s)
  • Issue Log
  • Post-Project Review Plan

For PRINCE2 2009 [see ‘The Complete Project Management plus PRINCE2’] the End Project Report still exists. The contents are modified to cover:

  • Project Manager’s report
  • Review of the Business Case
  • Review of Project Objectives
  • Review of Team Performance
  • Lessons Report
  • Review of Products

For any project there must be a final report that covers whether the project was successful and what were the problems encountered.

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