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Project manager – part 1


All projects are about change.

The project manager’s key roles are:

  • To plan
  • To organise
  • To co-ordinate
  • To control
  • To lead

No project will succeed without adequate planning and organization.
Co-ordination of activity will require excellent communication skills.

The Project Manager’s role will include showing good leadership in the completion of the project.
It is up to the Project Manager to make sure all of the necessary systems are in place as well as a method of control.
Above all the Project Manager must lead by example and have good communication skills to liaise with team members, senior management, customers and any other stakeholders.

The Project Manager is accountable for the success of the project, although others will be responsible for sections of the plan and schedule.

Some of the necessary skills for being a good project manager can be found in the training packages:

'The Complete Leadership package'
'The Complete Motivation package'
'The Complete Time Management package'
'The Complete Risk Management package'