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Recording the strategy

Consider a summary report

Whatever strategy is chosen the Project Notebook should contain a record of how the decision was made.

It may be a good idea to put this in a stand alone document.
Below is a simple format.

Some means of recording revision numbers should be considered as this is likely to be a live document for larger projects.


Keep it brief. What were the general objectives and reasons behind the strategic plan?


Keep it brief for senior management.
Some aspects here will be recorded elsewhere in more detail.
Note the basic assumptions, the project(s) that will be recommended, timescale, budget, resource assumptions and any next steps.
Perhaps summarise the key points in tabular form and any next steps.

Positioning of the strategic plan

Refer to any organisational business plan aspects which have influenced the decision making process.
Note any key assumptions and constraints that have influenced strategy.

Programmes and projects

  • What are the deliverables and how do they fit in with current organisational business strategy?
  • What is the business gain?
  • What are the project timescales and key milestones. Refer to time not dates e.g. say 13 months not ‘by January’.
  • Give a brief overview of resource requirements. Include personnel and equipment.
  • Give a cost summary and if necessary a simple payback chart.


Add here any supporting information that would detract from the focus in the above sections.

Make sure you don’t repeat information that is available elsewhere in the Project Notebook.
The project strategy should be reviewed at intervals to make sure that the foundations on which it is based have not changed.
One should record the strategy employed as well as recording what actually happened in practice.

Review the strategy at intervals

Make sure that the strategy is reviewed at intervals and no major issues arise.